Improve our NHS

Wales is the only part of the UK that has ever seen health spending cut in real terms. Forget the Labour spin - I will hold the Welsh Government to account. They’ve failed the NHS: they’ve cut spending, they’ve made it harder for patients to access vital cancer drugs; and they’ve made waiting lists for routine treatment so long that health outcomes in Wales are significantly worse than in the rest of the UK. I’ll fight for proper funding of the Welsh NHS, and make sure that Cardiff South & Penarth residents get access to the care they need and deserve.

With a strong economy we can have can invest in our public services, especially the NHS to recover. I will support our dedicated NHS staff and turn our NHS around by sorting our the recruitment  problems and reduce waiting times in A&E and treatment. 

I would look to recruit more doctors, nurses and other health professionals: Increase workforce capacity to improve access to appointments and treatment, and address the recruitment crisis caused by years of poor workforce planning by Welsh Labour.

We need address the democratic deficit and invest in Patient Watchdogs: As someone who sits on the South Glamorgan Community Heath Council; I know t first hand how vital they are to the local community in getting their voice heard. We will protect the independence and capacity of Wales’ Community Health Councils.The system of Welsh Ministerial appointments to health boards will come to an end with the introduction of elected health commissioners. 

Improve emergency care: Review ambulance response times and emergency department performance to ensure that patients get rapid access to emergency care when they need it.