My Plan

  • Support for leaseholders in cladding ridden high-rise buildings

    We would should be taking action to help the residents who are leaseholders of high-rise buildings such as Victoria Wharf in Cardiff Bay who are desperate, tearful, afraid and who are unable to sell their properties because of the costs they might bear to have the cladding removed and replaced.

  • We need to support local businesses.

    That’s why I would campaign to create “Business Rate-Free Zones” in places Penarth, Rumney & Llanrumney where all businesses would be free from paying businesses rates for up to three years.

  • Our Seaside Towns needs investment

    We need to deliver a Seaside Town Fund and Market Town Fund that would pump investment into our local economies' in places such as Penarth. Communities should also have a greater say in how the funds are invested.

  • More Money for our Schools

    Our schools are not delivering for our children, education standards are behind the rest of the UK in Science, Math & reading; this has been caused by 20 years of Welsh Labour the UK Conservative Government has investment £14bn in education which will see Wales receive £1.24bn in additional f

  • Improve our NHS

    Wales is the only part of the UK that has ever seen health spending cut in real terms. Forget the Labour spin - I will hold the Welsh Government to account.

  • Support the creation of £250million Covid-19 Recovery fund

    The pandemic has put a spotlight on Welsh Labour failure to run the Welsh economy. As a Welsh Conservative Candidate for Cardiff South & Penarth I have a plan for recovery for us and by working with the UK Government we can maximise the Union's benefits for Cardiff South & Penarth.